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Wedding Favours

Luxury chocolate wedding favours including chocolate moustaches and elegant Eiffel Tower favours. Our bespoke wedding favours are handmade to order using the finest Belgian chocolate. Our wedding favour service is completely bespoke meaning that you can choose any colours or ribbon choice. We can organise completely customized chocolates for your big day. We offer a selection of modern, vintage or retro wedding favours and don't forget to ask if you have a unique idea in mind.
Bee & Hive Lolly
Bee Collection
Chocolate Chips & Marshmallows
Hot chocolate topping
Chocolate Eiffel Tower Favours
Eiffel Tower Chocolates
Chocolate Shell Lolly
Chocolate Sea Shell lolly
Diamond Cut Hearts
Diamond cut hearts
Jukebox Lolly
Jukebox Favour
Moustache Lolly 30g
Chocolate moustaches
Sample Box
Favour Samples
Teddy Heart Lolly
Teddy Favours
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